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Fumitoxin Pellets and Tablets are packaged in resealable aluminum flasks and enclosed in cardboard cases.

Pellet weight = 0.6 grams
Phosphine released per pellet = 0.2 grams
Tablet weight = 3.0 grams
Phosphine released per tablet = 1.0 grams
Standard Packaging

Fumitoxin Pellets

14 flasks x 2490 pellets / flask

(approx. 34,860 pellets / case)

Fumitoxin Tablets

14 flasks x 500 tablets / flask

(approx. 7000 tablets / case)

Fumitoxin Pellets

21 flasks x 1660 pellets / flask

(approx. 34,860 pellets / case)

D.O.T. "Performance Packaging"

Individual Box
Each flask is packaged in D.O.T. cardboard box and enclosed in cardboard overpack.

This special packaging is in compliance with D.O.T. Exemption (No. SP-10753)

Individual box shown at left.


Fumitoxin 14-packs
2490's — 14 flasks / pack
1660's — 14 flasks / pack



Fumitoxin 14-packs
500's — 14 flasks / pack

For retail sale to Dealers and Certified Applicators only.
For use by Certified Applicators or persons under their direct
supervision,and only for those uses covered by the Certified
Applicator’s certification. Refer to the directions in this
applicator manual for requirements of the physical presence
of a Certified Applicator.

Fumitoxin - Aluminum phosphide may be used for fumigation treatment of various stored product insect pests in the following commodities:

Raw Agricultural Commodities - such as grains, seeds, nuts, peanuts.
Processed Foods - such as cereal flours, bakery mixes, cookies, crackers, pasta, cereals, dried fruit & nuts, spices, candy.
Animal Feed and Feed Ingredients
Nonfood Products - such as tobacco, clothing, wood, dried plants & flowers, straw or hay.

Fumitoxin - Aluminum phosphide may be used for fumigation treatment in the following sites:

Space Fumigations - Processing plants & mills, bakeries, breweries, etc.
Grain Storages - silos, elevators, steel tanks & bins, flat storages, on-farm storage, etc.
Ships & Barges
Tarpaulin Enclosures
Ground burrowing rodents (gophers, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, etc.) and moles






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